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In The Shed with Doug Irvine – Video Series

In this four part video series Doug covers various hive building subjects… Trailer – 30 seconds Video 1 – Dougs Shed Tour – 20mins Video 2 – Basic Joints – 12mins Video 3 – Finger Joints – 20mins Video 4 – Tin Roofs, Spring Clips and Brackets (still being edited) Below: 30 second trailer Video […]

In The Shed With Doug Irvine

Sometimes great opportunities come along in life and I consider this one, a day pottering in the woodshed with Doug Irvine! Doug Irvine is a legend in the stingless bee world, creating works of art disguised as native bee boxes with a style and design that amazes customers and eludes box makers. It’s an effort […]

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Popular Stingless Bee FAQs

I’ve made or bought an empty box, where can I get bees from? Native Stingless Bees will always come in a box or log of their own. You can’t make or buy an empty box and then buy bees by themselves later. Empty boxes sold by box makers are intended for people that already have […]


Phorid Fly – Pest

Pests to native stingless bee colonies! About half the size of a stingless bee and they move very quickly, jumping around inside the hive box. The stingless bees do seem to chase the flies but the flies are too fast to be caught. The flies will run around the inside the colony laying eggs everywhere […]


Brood Transfer To Revive A Declining Colony

There were bees, honey and pollen, but no brood at all. The Involucrum are the layers of Propolis surrounding the brood. I peeled back the layers to see there was no brood at all. This means there’s no Queen and the colony would slowly decline and most likely be the victim of pest infestation. It’s […]


Tetragonula hockingsi

Article under construction, more info and photos to come… Tetragonula hockingsi is very similar to Tetragonula carbonaria – click here to see that article

Solitary Bee Observation Block