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Native Bee FAQs

Temperature Monitoring – 25mm Hoop vs 50mm Cypress

Can we even compare these boxes?

Disclaimer – It’s really hard to compare boxes because there’s so many variables – Probe position, yard position, sun vs shade, roof vs no roof, thickness, densities, size, colony strength, colour, the list is endless. To make a better comparison we’ll need to have multiple boxes of each design being tested over years.

As far as I know there’s no research or data comparing native bee boxes so there’s no proof any box design is better than another one. If you see anyone claiming a box has better insulation I’d ask for data and information about how it was done.

Box designs and Variables

I’m comparing two boxes I have made, a standard design 25mm Hoop Pine OATH and a 50mm Cypress box of the same internal volume. I’ll try to make sure the two boxes are always of similar position with equal sun and weather exposure, equal colony strength and will have to check probe position occasionally.

I occasionally check probe position to make sure it’s in the brood.

Temperature Charts: 25mm Hoop Pine Boxes vs 50mm Cypress Boxes

January 2023

February 2023

March 2023

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