50mm Cypress Beast Box


Is bigger better?

For my own entertainment I whacked together a 50mm Cypress box. These boxes are just being used for future temperature testing. We might think that a bigger thicker box is going to provide better insulation but there’s always compromises and possibly no perfect design. For example, a box with really good insulation also doesn’t allow a colony of bees to heat up in Winter which can be a problem for a weak colony. The 35mm thick Cypress box I previously tested was quite hot in full sun so it will be interesting to see how the 50mm thick Cypress goes. I think this “Tropical” style lid will help greatly.

  • 50mm thick Cypress
  • Internal volume is very similar to the standard 25mm native bee box
  • External dimensions are huge! 340mm x 240mm
  • Ridiculously big and heavy, weighing in at 17kg!

Photo: 50mm boxes left and right / Standard 25mm box in the center

*More information will be added to this article over the next few years as the boxes are tested empty and will follow the progress of getting bees in to the boxes.

Below graph: Empty Boxes – Full shade – Winter temps.