Ag Guide – Native Bee Handbook

The Ag Guide Australian Native Bees. It covers a fair bit, there’s a lot about Solitary Bees where most other books are all about Stingless Bees. My books have just arrived and look pretty good. It may share a little information with Tim Heards book as he had some input but if you’re a crazy bee person and like all kinds of natives then it’s still a great and informative book to have.


“Combining the substantial expertise of many of Australia’s leading native bee researchers, this book is a guide to observing and keeping Australia’s broad range of native bee species.”

Table of contents:

  • Bee biology and behaviour
  • Bees as pollinators
  • Agricultural beescapes
  • native bees for pollination services
  • Urban bee ecology
  • Creating artificial nest sites for Australian solitary and semi-social bees
  • Bee identification
  • Stingless bees
  • Capturing, photographing and classifying bees
  • Bee biosecurity
  • FAQ about Australian native bees

The new books are available from the Department of Primary Industries – NSW – $35 each plus postage.

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