Bee Garden Challenge

Join in the Bee Garden Challenge!

Besides European Honey Bees, did you know there’s over 1600 species of Native Bees in Australia, and 20,000 species world wide?

You can probably count ten species in your own back yard!

You can help by creating a new garden that benefits bees

What to do

  1. Start a new garden… Flower garden, Vege garden, Pots etc, What ever you like that will benefit Bees
  2. Take a before photo of the area so we can see how it looks before you started
  3. Take another photo of your garden when it’s at it’s best
  4. Post the two photos before December 14.
    Post on the Native Bee Hives Facebook Page here:
    Email to
  5. Good photos presented in an understandable way will help everyone understand what you have accomplished and increase your chances of winning.


  • Provides resources for bees and other critters
  • Convert unused area in to bee habitat
  • Learn about bees and other pollinators in your area
  • Great for your mental and physical health
  • Excellent activity during COVID 19 restrictions
  • Lots of prizes to be won

Starts July 1 – 2020

Ends December 14 – 2020

Get the prizes for Christmas.. Posting prizes within Australia only.

Want to donate prizes?

If anyone or businesses want to donate prizes, email . General Bee or garden items only. Sorry we can’t give away a stingless bee hive, roof, stands etc as some Australian states don’t have stingless bees and we can’t send those items there.

Prizes list…

3 Prize Packs!!! 1st / 2nd / 3rd

Thanks to these small businesses for their generous donations

Yet to be sorted… Each pack will be different as there are different items