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Bee Garden Challenge 2020

The Bee Garden Competition was a great success with 46 entries submitting 125 photos. 18 businesses happily and enthusiastically donated well over $1000 worth of their products as prizes for the competition. 
The main objectives for the competition were to create new resources for native bees, but possibly equally important, to create activity and awareness around our native bees.

During the Covid restrictions it may have given some of us something to focus on and gardening is known as very beneficial for both mental and physical health. The native bee community is quite small in Australia, but a gardening competition crosses over to the garden community which is massive around the world so it draws new people across to develop an awareness and interest in native bees. Most people only know the European Honey Bee and don’t even know there are “other bees”.

To start with I only had one prize and that quickly grew from businesses wanting to be involved and sending me their products. A few of those businesses and people I know were also inspired to start their own gardens which were very impressive.

There were so many great entries it was difficult to choose the winners and I felt bad not being able to give everyone something for their efforts. Hopefully the native bees that are attracted to their new gardens will be their reward! (Cheesy?)

Bee Garden Competition 2020

46 Entries | 125 Photos

1st: Albury Permaculture

2nd: Jennifer Holt

3rd: Christie Doven

Collection of entry photos…

Join in the Bee Garden Challenge!

Besides European Honey Bees, did you know there’s over 1600 species of Native Bees in Australia, and 20,000 species world wide?

You can probably count ten species in your own back yard!

You can help by creating a new garden that benefits bees

What to do

  1. Start a new garden… Flower garden, Vege garden, Pots etc, What ever you like that will benefit Bees
  2. Take a before photo of the area so we can see how it looks before you started
  3. Take another photo of your garden when it’s at it’s best
  4. Post the two photos before December 14.
    Post on the Native Bee Hives Facebook Page here:
  5. Good photos presented in an understandable way will help everyone understand what you have accomplished and increase your chances of winning.


  • Provides resources for bees and other critters
  • Convert unused area in to bee habitat
  • Learn about bees and other pollinators in your area
  • Great for your mental and physical health
  • Excellent activity during COVID 19 restrictions
  • Lots of prizes to be won

Starts July 1 – 2020

Ends December 14 – 2020

Winners announced 15/12/2020

Prizes list…

3 Prize Packs!!! 1st / 2nd / 3rd

Thanks to these small businesses for their generous donations

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