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Bee ID with Toby Smith

Native Bee Identification, Ecology & Beekeeping with Tobias Smith

This was a one day workshop held at Qld Uni with a short presentation covering the basics then in to the lab for a three hour bee identification session using Toby’s very own book “The Australian bee genera – An annotated, user friendly key“. The lab session started out a bit daunting for some of us, definitely me anyway, but with plenty of assistance from Toby and Aurora we were able to identify a few bees, a fascinating experience and highly recommended. Toby will have a new version of his book available soon. (This is an identification key so you need a microscope for it to be of any use).

After the lab session Toby demonstrated splitting a stingless bee hive. Upon opening the hive, Toby explained why it wasn’t quite ready to be split and would benefit from another month of building. While the box was open he took the opportunity to point out some queen cells and give everyone a sample of the honey.


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