Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest Hive – based on similar specs as the OATH – 280mm x 200mm, with a curved shape Honey Super. It’s something that you might have as a conversation piece in your outdoor entertaining area.


  • Timber: Cypress
  • Timber Thickness: 35mm
  • Design: Treasure Chest – OATH. Galvanised screws fitted internally so they’re not seen from the outside.
  • Brood Supports: Cypress
  • Separator Plate: Clear Acrylic
  • Coating: Stained / Gloss Clear

Always starting with a big pile of timber. Machined down from 40mm rough sawn to 35mm to get a nice finish…

Putting the top together…

Below, I made the top section end caps, they fit nicely. (Honey Super)

Basic structure is finished. Routed a 45 degree edge on all corners.


I added some stain, gloss coat, chains and old style locks to the design

September 2016 – Transferring bees in to the bottom half of the Treasure Chest (lower hive)