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CNC Routing Patterns & Signs

I CNC routed some boxes for a bit of fun…

These flower designs are just prototypes. They are routed at different depths to see how they look after being painted. The boxes will be painted so the end effect will be a slight indent of the design. The 2mm depth seems too deep for the effect I’m after. The shallow 1mm depth looks good. The more simple the design the better I think. The complex flower design below is at 2mm deep and harder to paint and I’d assume the 2mm depth will gather dirt more easily over the years.

Bee on flower. Routed at 1mm depth.

It’s supposed to be a Bee, but could be a wasp, or a hover fly, but what the hey, it’s a pollinator 🙂 . The inside edges are a little rough as I think the Hoop Pine is a fairly soft wood to cut in to. Cypress is more dense and seems to leave a cleaner edge.

Below: Just for the hell of it I had to do this one… I might hang it up somewhere.

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