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Crate Hive

The Crate Hive!

I’ve been working on a few of these crate style hive boxes of various sizes. The construction seems simple but they have been quite a task with 52 pieces of wood in the square boxes and 60 pieces in the taller ones! These will be available in the future with bees included and also empty. They have a removable top lid with a viewing window. Not splittable so will need to be Budded in to, or transferred in to. Recommend to be under cover on a patio etc, not out in the yard with a roof. (35mm Cypress coated with Tung Oil. Shipping crate style stencils and stickers for added effect)

  • 35mm Cypress plus the outside trim pieces
  • Removable lid with viewing window
  • Non splittable
  • Updates to come…..

Budding example using the Crate Hive Box

Tower Crates

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