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Shipping Crate Hive

Shipping Crate Box: I’ve been working on a few of these crate style hive boxes of various sizes. The construction seems simple but they have been quite a task with 52 pieces of wood in the square boxes and 60 pieces in the taller ones! They have a removable top lid with a viewing window. Not splittable so will need to be Budded in to, or transferred in to. Recommend to be under cover on a patio etc, not out in the yard with a roof. (35mm Cypress coated with Tung Oil. Shipping crate style stencils and stickers for added effect)

Shipping Crate Tower Observation Box: While I was at it, I made some taller observation boxes that are double sided, double doors. The larger one might suit species like Tc and Th, while the smaller 3 litre one might suit Aa.

    Update October 2023 – Finished!

    Nearly three years to get finished. I ended up replacing the stickers and stencils with laser engraved signs and coating the boxes with heavy duty clear.

    These boxes are available at

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