Dog Hive Box

Above: I fetched one of the spare Mail Boxes I usually make

Below: Adding a head, tail and feet. The head started out facing forward as you’d think would be normal,

After thinking about it i pawsed, and remembering the Mambo dog, it’s better to have the head turning back, as the box will be positioned facing back because of the entrance. Also added some ears, they point upward, to try get a attentive or surprised look…

I used some wood stain to draw some facial features. I know it’s a bit ruff !!.. but it’s a work in progress.

The box will be an up-side-down hive internally. The hive entrance where the bees enter and exit is at the top of the box and Stingless Bees store their honey away from the entrance which is likely to be in the bottom box, so the brood chamber will be the two top frames.

Update… painted and face drawn, in the “Mambo Dog” style

Update 15/11/2020

Update below 20/02/2021

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