Flower Meadow

We all have plenty of lawn areas on our properties that could be considered wasted space, after all they could be used for building more motorbike sheds on!?? .. or possibly even creating more resources for critters like bees and other insects.

I have this unused lawn area so i thought i’d have a try at creating Flower Meadow. I’m just starting with a small section of yard to see how it goes as I’ve never been very successful at growing flowers. If it fails miserably i can simply mow it down and return it to grass. If it succeeds i can expand the area.

I started by removing the grass and turning over a shallow layer of the dirt, adding a thin layer of potting mix and a few packets of store bought flower mixes just to see how it went. It may not be the best time of year to sow some of the seeds and i’m no expert, about half the seeds have sprouted and look good so far. These take up a small section of the area i cleared and i’ll now try to plant out the rest of it.

I found a business called “Meadow Flowers” that has a great website with a large variety to choose from so i’m now waiting for the postie to deliver.