Goodrich Box Budding

This article will show the process and progress of Budding / Eduction using the Goodrich Box.

**Disclaimer – This is just the way i’m doing it, I’m not following any instructions or recommendations from the box designer. This may not be the method they recommend.

I’ve taken the bottom box only and removed one of the brood support bars so i could access the drain or bottom vent. I pushed the mesh out of the way to allow the tube to enter the box.

Below – Trying to keep things as simple as possible i just sat the box on top of the full hive and connected the tube from the full hive to the new box. I also added a clear plastic sheet on top and taped it down so there’s no gaps.(This doesn’t show it but i added a T piece in the tube – shown next)

The boxes in place in the garden, I added a mesh covered entry tube so the bees wont be able to exit the top box at all. I’ll leave that for a day or two with the intention to “lock the bees up” so they are forced to explore their new box and may help them to reassess their surroundings when leaving the new box so they can work out how to come back in.

Added a thin sheet of plywood on top of the clear viewing sheet for insulation and then the next box and a roof for good weather protection.

To be continued…

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