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Goodrich Box Update

Goodrich box receives an update for 2020

New clear viewing window

photo – front view

There’s a few updates for the box actually. While basically the same box design, there’s now a clear viewing window on top as pictured above. The round hole is for the honey jar which you can add later once the colony has established itself. The window is a thin clear film, (overhead projector sheets) that can be peeled off and replaced as they will become blocked out by resin over time, or you could just leave them as is.

Honey pot and rear vents

photo – rear view

Honey pot to the rear

Both front and rear sides of the box have holes so you could make either side the entrance, but!!… as it’s commonly thought that native bees will store their honey at the back of the hive or further from the entrance, it’s probably best to check before you put the box together after a split and position the honey pot hole towards the rear of the box.

Note – To add the honey pot you have to remove the standard lid and add the optional extra honey super top box. The above photo is just demonstrating where the honey pot goes.

New – Top rear vent

The top hole on the rear of the box has a tube covered with mesh. This will allow any excess moisture to escape. Sometimes bees don’t like having too many access points and may block them out with resin.

New – Lower rear budding/eduction hole

This lower rear hole is for Budding/Eduction. You can connect this box up to your existing full colony by using a tube, or just leave it blocked off with the supplied plug.

Lid and straps

Some people might call the lid design a “Tropical Lid”? It’s two layers of board separated by a couple of blocks between them. The design is used a by a few people in the native bee community. There’s a strap supplied that holds the lid tightly on the box.

There’s also two plastic packing straps that come with the box.

Optional Honey Super Box and Jar

Once your colony is established you can add the little honey jar and top “Honey Super” box on top of the standard box.

photos shows top honey super box that sits over the jar

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