Hive Designs – Photo Gallery

Box Building Photos
Outhouse Hive Box – version 3 design
Observation Log – 7 litre volume / Double sided viewing with hinged doors
Shipping Crate Hive Box
Treasure Chest Hive Box with chains and locks
Red Mail Box Hive
Red Phone Box Hive Box
Dog Hive – with the Mambo theme
Fairy Door Hive – door opens to observe the bees inside
Log Cabin – roof is removable to observe bees inside
Budding Kit – version 1. Since changed and up to version 3 now
Hour Glass Observation Hive
Hour Glass Observation Hive
Layered Aa Box
Observation box and Octagonal Boxes with Pyrograhy (wood burning designs)
Log Cabins – version 1
Layrered Hive Box – Cypress
Observation Towers – Double sided viewing, 7 litre and 3 litre sizes
3 litre Observation Log – double sided viewing
Shelves in the shed….