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All original concepts and designs by Steve – unique to

Designs – All designs on this site are my original designs unless stated otherwise. I’m happy for people to use my designs for personal use but not for commercial use (copy and sell). I encourage businesses to be more innovative, original and create their own designs and then can be proud they are selling something they’ve created.

Witch House Hive

Outhouse Hive Box – version 3 design

Solitary Bee Observation Block

Observation Log – 7 litre volume / Double sided viewing with hinged doors
Shipping Crate Hive Box
Treasure Chest Hive Box with chains and locks
Red Mail Box Hive
Red Phone Box Hive Box
Dog Hive – with the Mambo theme
Fairy Door Hive – door opens to observe the bees inside
Budding Kit – version 1. Since changed and up to version 3 now
Hour Glass Observation Hive
Hour Glass Observation Hive
Layered Aa Box
Observation box and Octagonal Boxes with Pyrograhy (wood burning designs)
Log Cabins – version 1
Log Cabin – Shaped Logs
Basic Log Cabin – Shaped Logs
Layrered Hive Box – Cypress
Observation Towers – Double sided viewing, double doors, various sizes
3 litre Observation Log – double sided viewing
Shelves in the shed….

All original concepts and designs by Steve –

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