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Hivecraft Renovations 2023

An update for the Hivecraft garage space… The main production still takes place in the rusty dusty shed out the back, while the recently available garage space will be used for storage, office, shop, coffee and Friday arvo beers so feel free to drop in for a chat if you’re ever in the Redcliffe Peninsula area, but be warned, I might drag you around the yard showing you the hives and raving about positions and temperatures.

I wanted to give the garage a bit of a face lift so installed a new floating floor… bit of a nightmare and didn’t just click and go like the videos showed but we got there in the end and now it looks way too flash for a native bee shed. When the floor was finished it looked so good I was tempted to cancel the native bee shed and open a surfer fashion shop, record shop, hair salon or tattoo parlor, but i have stuck to the plan and filled it with rectangle wooden boxes and unfinished projects.

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