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A visit to Krystal’s

Three species of Native Social Stingless Bees plus Solitary Bees

Krystal has had Native Bees for a couple of years now, keeping three species of Social Stingless Bees, Hockingsi (pictured above in the yellow box – blue roof), Carbonaria (raw cypress wood box) and Australis (large vertical log). The Hockingsi are currently connected up to another box in front for Budding/Eduction.

Budding box connected to the full colony of Hockingsi at the back with a small tube which allows bees to travel through the front empty box and hopefully create a new colony. The box behind still has one entrance higher that bypasses the front box so the bees have a choice.

Krystal has a bit of a farm going with all kinds of critters, including the bees which will help with the vege garden polination.

Wood burnt signs for the Chicken Coop

The real reason I was visiting…

Krystal does wood burning, known as “Pyrography”, burning all kinds of things from the chicken signs mentioned previously to kitchen cutting boards, wooden spoons or basically anything that can be burnt. Krystal is the creative type so enjoys the process which can take hours to days to finish the product to a high standard.

The work station – surrounded by fantastic wood
Beautifully finsihed products ready for sale

krydasu +

Krystal and I have done some colaborating with a few items. The main one being the hive boxes. A couple of the Octagonal Boxes (build article here), a Observation Box and also an ornamental Ukulele, i made a few of these Ukuleles which i’ll create a separate article for. The photo shown here of the Octagonal box is the beginning stages of the design and burning.

1/2 size ornamental Ukulele – Made by , burnt design by Krystal.

A little more finishing work to do

Below are some of the things Krystal produces and sells. The Observation hive box is basically complete now just needed to be oiled. Krystal is keeping one of the Octagnal hive boxes, She said it may never get bees in it and may have more designs added to it over time and could end up being on display on that shelf. I have more ideas for finishing the other Octagonal box so i’ll add more info in the Octagonal Boxes build article as i go. This particular box may never be finished either, I might just have it on the shelf to look at!

A few hive boxes on display

You can see more of Krystal’s work by visiting some of her sites…

Madeit store:


Hivecraft - Australian Native Bee Supplies

Native bee boxes available at

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