Log Cabin Native Bee Hive

While this Log Cabin is a little more detailed than previous builds, it’s still the classic design and even has a little yellow native bee hive on the front bench, and there’s enough room beside it to sit with your coffee and watch the bees, but I have a feeling the bees may go feral and set up home inside the cabin soon.


Placing the shaped logs
All layers and door

This kind of construction makes me think of how people used to make crafty wooden things many years ago.

Removable Roof

Top view without the roof or clear window


The cabin itself is the same size as a standard native bee box (OATH size) though it’s not splitable. Bees could be either transferred in or it could be set up for Budding/Eduction. The roof comes off so you can see inside through the clear window. The verandah roof is fixed in place. There’s no honey super or any internal structure. Bee entry will be through the front door somehow, it hasn’t been decided just how it will be done yet, keyhole? under the door? slightly opened door?

As usual, this is not quite finished. A little bit more work and I’ll add some kind of coating to finish it off.