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OATH Hive – with Honey Super

This is the most common and popular Australian Native Stingless Bee Hive, developed by Tim Heard in the 80’s.

Hive specs:

  • Standard design – “Original Australian Trigona hive” / “OATH” with “Honey Super” on top.
  • 280mm long, 200mm wide. Thickness can range from 25mm to 50mm
  • Cypress – termite and weather resistant
  • Anti-slump bars to support the brood cone
  • Internally separated “Honey Super”
  • Glued and screwed for good solid construction
  • Painted, Oiled or Clear Coat
  • Suits splitting and matches other hive measurements with this design (popular hive dimensions)
  • Built to withstand weather
  • I use “Rough Mill Sawn Timbers” so there can be imperfections in the timber like rough surfaces.

Below: The most common OATH is painted with exterior paint for low maintenance

Below – Some are oiled or clear coated

They are made up of three sections:

  • Bottom section – Entry hole in front, Holds the base of the brood cone
  • Middle section – Has Brood supports attached underneath and Brood / Honey Super Separator on top / Vent hole in rear
  • Top section – Honey Super – open area for bee resources such as honey

These are using the OATH dimensions, the same as other popular OATH boxes so these will match up with other OATHs if you want to split or swap. These three sections just sit together neatly and the bees will seal them together, after a short while you wont be able to get them apart without some force.

Some Brood supports are aluminium, some are Cypress

Some boxes have a more intricate layered design

These are still an OATH style.. just getting a bit crazy now?


View the OATH Construction Plans:

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