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Observation Tower with extras

Observation Tower with extras

This observation tower stays with the same style as previous 7 litre observation boxes though i have sectioned off a small area at the top to house a jar and data logger. This reduces the live colony volume to around 5 litres which is still ok.

Photo: Temp sensor and honey jar

Honey Sampling Jar

The honey sampling jar is intended for easy collection of small amounts of honey just to sample. It can also be used to harvest Propolis for your future projects.

Data Logging

I’ve added a temperature sensor / data logger with a probe that extends inside the main box to monitor the internal temperature of the colony and brood. It has a bluetooth function and phone app so you can connect to it to view settings and historical temperature graphs. You can also download a “csv” file to open in Windows Excel.

Screenshot example

I wouldn’t put a device like this in every box that you have as it’s not necessary at all and adds to the cost. I’ve added it to this box as I’ll be posting up some temperature charts over time just out of interest.

Updates to come… I’ll add more photos and info as I set this up for Budding/Eduction

Getting the bees in. “Budding”

Update: 1 September 2021

The Observation Tower is now connected to the full colony behind it with a short tube. This is called Budding or also referred to as “Eduction”. Some people might add resin or propolis to the inside of the new empty box to assist the bees and hopefully get faster results, though here I have started out with a completely clean empty box. There hasn’t been any construction in the new box as it’s been cold though the bees should start building structures when it warms up over Summer.

Update photo below: 24/12/2021

to be continued….

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