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Observation Box with Removable Insert

This box can house one single standard native bee box frame (OATH design) or a larger volume frame that can stay in place.

  • Removable OATH frame volume of around 3.1 litres.

The advantage of the removable frame is that once the colony has populated the frame, the frame can be removed and placed on to a standard native bee box bottom box (OATH design) and you then you have a conventional hive. You can then place a new empty frame inside the observation box and start again.

  • Removable Insert volume 4.4 litres

This insert frame is designed to be a part of the main frame. It can remain in place forever if preferred.

Larger volume insert installed
Standard frame installed in a vertical position – Yellow OATH frame

Once the yellow OATH frame is populated with bees, the frame can be removed and placed on top of a standard base, giving the bees more space to develop.

Standard OATH

Below: A later version of an Observation Box using the same internal frame

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