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Some designs that are available from different makers/suppliers

This page displays some of the other designs that are out there to give you some great ideas for your boxes, or you can contact the makers to inquire about the availability of their boxes. As you can see from the wide range of designs available there’s plenty of development happening in the native bee field.

John Klumpp is very well known in the native bee world and likes a challenge. He makes these cylinder shaped hives from a lightweight concrete mix. Read more about these hives here   Johns email: jklumpp at

Nick makes these very nice Western Red Cedar boxes. Nick and Dean have a great website with plenty of information about Stingless Bees –  (photo from Nick and Deans website)

David and Minnie Anderson make and supply these fantastically decorated OATHs. They sell them on Gumtree and local Markets. (Photo by Minnie) Website:

These kinds of yellow boxes could be the most popular as they’re considered a bit of an industry standard.   Supplied by Tim Heard. website

Doug Irvine makes these finger jointed boxes. He puts a lot of time in to the neat corner joins. Doug doesn’t have a website or email so you need to try find his phone number.

Hive Haven are developing these hexagonal hive boxes, originally 3D printed, they are looking to produce on a larger scale.. Website:

These ones are a Bamboo / PVC Composite material produced by Tony Goodrich and sold by Sydney Stingless Bees (

Nativo by Giorgio

Pollination Box by Sugarbag Bees