Outhouse V2 – OATH

This is version 2 for the Outhouse design.


  • Holds a standard size OATH inside
  • A bit of fun
  • Cosmetic difference for your Native Bee Hive
  • Provides some great insulation and weather protection!

Below: Sorting the wood for the walls and base…

Below: I made a roof from rusty corrugated iron roofing. A standard OATH sits inside…

Below: hinges, latch and door handle. The bees enter and exit between the boots…

Here’s the link to version 1 – https://www.nativebeehives.com/the-shack/

Below – Latest version – March 2020

I’ve been playing with the design trying to develop a cheaper and more simple version, but i seemed to have gone off track and made it more complex. A timber roof makes the box more kid friendly, instead of rusty tin. White paint for the main body, stained timber roof and splash of colour on the boots to brighten things up.

Below: Now on display at Little Bees Secret Garden