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Native Bee FAQs

Pests or not?

There’s a lot of different insects you’ll notice in your garden. Some don’t bother the bees at all and some can destroy your precious bee hive. Mostly the threat is from new larvae destroying the hive colony from the inside. Weak colonies are more at risk. The main two that

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Macadamia Farm – ANBA Visit Photos

A great day out at a Glasshouse Mountains Macadamia farm yesterday with the Australian Native Bee Association. A good turn out with a few new faces. Here’s a bunch of


The new box shop! I am now full time boxes so I thought i’d try separating the shop out and make it a stand alone entity! As I now have

Always Buy With A Guarantee!

Always buy a stingless bee colony from a reputable seller AND more importantly check there is some kind of guarantee. Either refund, replacement or remedy the situation by allowing the

Tough Year For The Bees

With extended heavy rain and cold periods, native bees have had it pretty rough for the last year. Foraging times have been short and food resources low. It’s likely there

MURRURN | Native Bee Project – video

A nicely filmed short video helping out native bees after bushfires. Megan Halcroft worked with the Murrurn community on bushfire recovery projects. Direct link:


Plants for Bees

Start a Bee Garden!! … Start getting your bee garden prepared. Here’s a list of

The Australian Native Bee Book

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Building & Tests

Coatings Test 2022

I’ve added a couple of new products to the list. Doug Irvine uses the Intergrain

Painting Gaps

Gaps between frames can be a real problem with bee hives as they allow pests

Wooden Pegs

Wooden Pegs / Dowels for Native Bee Frame Construction Wooden pegs or dowels can be