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Native Bee Exploration Camp Southern Qld – Photos

The owner of this large property between Stanthorpe and Texas Qld had found a few stingless bee colonies in old hollow trees and was keen to learn more from our visit. We did a fair bit of wondering around the property locating a number of colonies of Austroplebeia australis. It

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Qld Garden Expo 2021

Qld Garden Expo 2021 – Nambour I visited the Qld Garden Expo at Nambour Showgrounds to check in on Hive Haven’s stand and Tim Heard’s presentations. My first visit to the Nambour Expo, some said the numbers were down on

Gregs Native Bees

Greg loves his bees, and his logs… …He might have a thing for Fairy Houses on his hives as well! When I visited Greg’s Native Stingless Bees at Brighton just north of Brisbane he was eager to show me the

Honey Sample Collection

Tim Heard and his offsider Lachlan pictured extracting stingless bee honey and taking a small sample for Dean Haley who is collecting samples for various quality tests on behalf the Australian Native Bee Association. If you’d like to submit your

Beezotted with Matthew Middleton – Workshop

Matthew Middleton held a native bee workshop today where he shared his many years of knowledge. Matthew limits the attendee numbers so it’s quite an intimate gathering where you are immersed in spirituality of it all with story telling, didgeridoo

Goodrich Box Update

Goodrich box receives an update for 2020 New clear viewing window There’s a few updates for the box actually. While basically the same box design, there’s now a clear viewing window on top as pictured above. The round hole is

Busy Bee Season

There has been a surge in the popularity for Stingless Bees in recent years. Suppliers have long waiting lists and we’ve seen plenty of new people coming in to the online community chasing colonies. Here’s some simple tips for new

Alex – Little Bees at Tullamore Farm

Alex of Little Bees Secret Garden teamed up with Bill at Tullamore Farm for a day of Native Bee education. Tullamore Farm is just past Beaudesert Qld. Since purchasing the property in 2014 Bill has done a lot of work


Solitary Bees

There’s over 1600 species of native bees in Australia, with an estimated possible 2000 species!!!

Building & Tests

Wooden Pegs

Wooden Pegs / Dowels for Native Bee Frame Construction Wooden pegs or dowels can be

Accoya Wood

Alex of Spicers Hollow Native Bees dropped in some Accoya offcuts. I plan to make

Brood Supports

Under continuous development – newer posts at the top, oldest at the bottom of the