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I’ve made or bought an empty box, where can I get bees from? Native Stingless Bees will always come in a box or log of their own. You can’t make or buy an empty box and then buy bees by themselves later. Empty boxes sold by box makers are intended

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Sugarbag Bees Observation Hive

This is the new Observation Box from Sugarbag Bees in Brisbane. Tim Heard has been testing the design out for a while now, with the full hive pictured here being two years old and is going well. It’s currently connected

Genomics – James Hereward

Genomics of Stingless Bees – James Hereward The July meeting of the Australian Native Bee Association – Brisbane Branch was a little different as we were still dealing with Covid 19 restrictions. The presentation was broadcast live on Facebook, with

Bee Garden Challenge 2020

The Bee Garden Competition was a great success with 46 entries submitting 125 photos. 18 businesses happily and enthusiastically donated well over $1000 worth of their products as prizes for the competition. The main objectives for the competition were to create new

Hive Haven

Hive Haven I caught up with Ann and Jeff to get a quick update… Ann and Jeff have done a lot of work in the industry over the last few years to raise awareness about native bees and have quite

BeeHealthy Festival Canungra

The Bee Healthy Festival held at Canungra Qld was organised by Alex of Little Bees Secret Garden and Donna of Owl Whole Foods. Starting Friday with the main day on Saturday. The shop drew a crowd with food sampling from

Flavia Massaro – Bumble Bees

Nest Biology of Bumble Bees – Bombus sp – Flavia Massaro Flavia is a well known researcher in the Native bee community and gave a fascinating presentation to the Brisbane Branch of Australian Native Bee Association on her research on

little bees secret garden

Alex loves all things nature including gardening and bees of course! In 2018 Alex took the leap and opened a small business called Little Bees Secret Garden in Canungra Qld, I dropped in for a coffee and chat, …. and


New to Native Bees?

Hopefully this article will get you started in the right direction. This page lightly touches

Flooded Hive Box

The video shows the bees repairing and rebuilding their colony after water had entered the

Solitary Bees

There’s over 1600 species of native bees in Australia, with an estimated possible 2000 species!!!

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