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Native Bee FAQs

Pests or not?

There’s a lot of different insects you’ll notice in your garden. Some don’t bother the bees at all and some can destroy your precious bee hive. Mostly the threat is from new larvae destroying the hive colony from the inside. Weak colonies are more at risk. The main two that

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Honey Jar Trial Update 2022

My simple honey jar trials… I set up two hives with three honey jars on each. The idea was to check the ratio of pollen vs honey from front to

Industry Box Standard

Image: Cracking Box. Art by David Nash There is no industry standard when it comes to native bee boxes and design is a can of worms… There’s lots of

Pesticides, Mosquito Control & Native Bees

There’s been plenty of concerns over the years about council spraying mangrove areas with pesticides to control mosquitos and if it has any adverse effects on our native stingless bees.

Research Before Buying Bee Hotels

Bee Hotels are great for providing extra habitat for certain species of native bees, but, there can be misunderstanding or misinformation in advertising about bee hotels so it’s important to

In The Shed With Doug Irvine

Sometimes great opportunities come along in life and I consider this one, a day pottering in the woodshed with Doug Irvine! Doug Irvine is a legend in the stingless bee


New to Native Bees?

Hopefully this article will get you started in the right direction. This page lightly touches

Tetragonula hockingsi

Article under construction, more info and photos to come… Tetragonula hockingsi is very similar to

The Australian Native Bee Book

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Building & Tests

Accoya Wood

Alex of Spicers Hollow Native Bees dropped in some Accoya offcuts. I plan to make

Timbers for Hives

What kind of timber should you use for making Native Bee boxes? Most people will

Brood Supports

Under continuous development – newer posts at the top, oldest at the bottom of the

Painting Gaps

Gaps between frames can be a real problem with bee hives as they allow pests