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Peter Davenport with Varsity Native Bees

John from Varsity Native Bees saw this nice looking empty wooden hive box at Little Bees Secret Garden at Canungra and had to have it, then invited Peter Davenport to transfer a colony from a hive owned by Susan at Presto Creatives. The workshop was open to the public and held at the Presto Creatives shed on the Gold Coast.

Peter Davenport has been involved with native bees since he was a young fella and is very well known in the native bee community. Peter even has a native stingless bee species named after him, Tetragonula davenporti which he discovered on the Gold Coast.

Peter carefully transferred the brood and a very small amount of honey and pollen pots. Once the new box was returned to the original hive position thousands of bees quickly flooded the box and got to work.

Brian the Bee Man had a observation hive with Austroblebeia australis on display for every to view.

A great demonstration by Peter and very generous of John – Varsity Native Bees and Susan – Presto Creations for allowing everyone to attend, and providing welcoming drinks to attendees! *Contact details at bottom of this page


Photos from Peter’s Gold Coast property

After the workshop we ended up back at Peter’s property for a “Tour of the wilderness of hives”. Four species are spread throughout the property, Austroblebeia australis, Tetragonula carbonaria, Tetragonula hockingsi and Peter’s own discovery Tetragonula davenporti.

Photo: Peter’s design allows removal of the top to provide easy access to the colony

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