Budding Kit / Observation Box


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Multipurpose Native Bee Box

This box can be used as a standard native bee box for splitting, Budding/Duplications/Eductions and also as an Observation box

  • Standard Box with Honey Super top frame – OATH style –  (Original Australian Trigona Hive)
  • Standard outside dimensions – 280mm long x 200mm wide
  • Material – 33mm thick Hoop Pine
  • Glued and galvanised screws
  • Brood support bars
  • Brood / honey separator plate / Observation window
  • 4 coats of quality exterior paint
  • Does not include Bees
  • All hive boxes, no matter who you buy from, need roofs if placed in the weather
  • Please read the FAQs before buying empty boxes https://www.nativebeehives.com/faqs/


Budding Kit extras:

  • Clear sheet viewing panel
  • 1 sheet of plywood for a temporary cover
  • Rear entry hole in bottom box
  • Connection tube
  • 2 rear vent tubes