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The Outhouse box gives a cosmetic difference to your bee hive and also provides a good shelter and insulation.

The Outhouse box design is an outer shell. A standard OATH will need to be placed inside the Outhouse box.

  • Does not include bees
  • Does not include internal OATH Box. Buyer will need to place a OATH inside the Outhouse box. (standard bee box with dimensions of 280mm x 200mm).
  • **The OATH that you place inside should be the standard size of 280mm long by 200mm wide. There should be no front step or landing pad on the front of the OATH as it will get in the way. The boots need to sit flush against the OATH.
  • I can supply a suitable OATH box for $155 (does not include bees)
  • These can be ordered/reserved from the next batch which take a few months to complete.
  • Pickup from Clontarf Qld.
  • Postage can be $100 because the box is big, awkward and heavy
  • Enquire: https://www.nativebeehives.com/contact/