Solitary Bee Observation Block


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Does not include bees

Position: A good position might be under cover so it’s sheltered from extreme sun or rain, on a patio or verandah so you can view it easily.

Block maintenance:

  • Oil: The wood is finished with Tung Oil. If in the future the wood finish fades, you can freshen it up with a coating of Tung Oil or your own oil of preference
  • Cleaning: Bees can coat the clear windows with resin that may reduce the clear view after a year or two. Once the Bees have all left and the block is empty, the windows can be unscrewed and washed in hot water with detergent and a sponge to remove resins. While the window is off you can clean or scrape out the channels in the wood block.



Below: This is the block i have set up Article here: