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Stingless Bee Colony Humidity Tests

There doesn’t seem to be much information on humidity levels inside stingless bee colonies. I’m sure this has all been done before and all the information is hidden inside many research papers but I’d prefer to have original content on this site, so here we are!

All equipment is funded and supplied through sales made on the Hivecraft website shop.

As with other tests done on this site, this process may take years to get good results. Firstly I’ll test the sensors and then get them installed, either in to an empty box or an existing live colony. So far the goal is to have one probe in the brood area and one probe outside the brood area. The general concern with humidity sensors is the bees might clog them up with resin so I’ll encase them in some mesh. Once encased in mesh they could be quite large and the bees may not like an object like that in the brood area and could move the brood to the side.

1st chart – testing the sensors in an empty honey super ( live colony in lower box ). The empty honey super stays fairly consistent.

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