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Stingless Bee Industry looks to the future

The great minds of the “Native Stingless Bee World” gathered in Brisbane for the first meeting in a series of what will be many.

To wind the clock back a little, Hive Haven – a small Sunshine Coast company received funding from the Queensland Government Ignite Fund to research and develop the stablilzation and marketing of native bee honey.

The task of developing a quality product is quite a difficult one as Ann (Hive Haven) has found as she started the research process and does require the input of quite a few technical minds, and so Hive Haven have generously decided to include a wider spectrum of the native bee world in the development so everyone will get the benefits.
Once the development process is complete there will be a public document available for viewing.

The first meeting – A number of figures in the small native stingless bee industry gathered in Brisbane to discuss how to proceed.The meeting was chaired by Ian Gilbert – Queensland State Government, Manager, Innovation Commercialisation. Attendees were: Tim Heard, Trevor Weatherhead, Russell Zabel, Janine Zabel, Steve Maginnity, Robert Luttrell, Mrs Luttrell, Dean Haley, David Exton, Matthew Middleton, Chris Fuller, Mellissa Ballantyne, Sarah Hamilton, Tobias Smith, Ann Ross, Jeff Ross, Tony Goodrich, and Steve Flavel

Some thoughts that were discussed at the meeting…

  • It was agreed upon that there could be a “Native Stingless Bee Honey Standard” for producers selling honey
  • There’s no point having a honey standard if no one has any authority or control over the products produced
  • It was thought that it could over Stingless Bees and not all native bees as that is the species of discussion
  • An association could be created that can develop a honey standard
  • Honey standards would only be one aspect for the association
  • The association could cover a wide area of the stingless bee industry
  • The areas an association might cover are, honey standards, pollination, hobbiest, pet market.
  • It would be an “Industry Association” and therefore focused on industry

A motion was put forward that an Australian Native Stingless Bee Association be explored and a committee was created to develop this idea further.

Trevor Weatherhead volunteered Tim Heard as the committee leader and all attendees agreed. Other committee members volunteered and are: Bob Luttrell, Matthew Middleton, Russell and Janine Zabel, Toby Smith, Steve Maginnity, Trevor Weatherhead, Ann Ross, Chris Fuller


The Australian Native Bee Association has now been formed. Here’s the website for more info:

Out takes…

There was a bar across the road from the meeting so we had no choice…

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