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Brogan Amos – Small Hive Beetle

Brogan Amos was the guest speaker at the clubs November meeting. Brogan has done a lot of research in to Small Hive Beetle which is a pest that mainly affects European Honey Bee hives. The Australian Honey Bee industry is

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Native Bee Club – Giorgio Venturieri

Giorgio Venturieri was guest speaker at the Brisbane Native Bee Keepers Club meeting for May 2018. Giorgio recently moved to Brisbane from Brazil and is very experienced with Native Bees and using them for pollination of local crops in Brazil.

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Native Bee Club – Ann Ross Hive Haven

Ann Ross from Hive Haven described her journey from her first hive and through the development of the current Hive Haven product, version 9 were Hive Haven has recently received grants to develop the box and other Native Bee products further.

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