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Log Cabin – Shaped Logs

Similar design to my original “basic log cabin“, I’ve spent a fair bit of time shaping the logs for a more natural log look and I think they’ve turned out ok. These split the same as a standard native bee

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Settlers Log Cabin Native Bee Hive

Prize winner for Expo 2023 – Judges choice and Peoples choice! While this Log Cabin is a little more detailed than previous builds, it’s still the classic design and even has a little yellow native bee hive on the front

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Log Cabin V3

I thought it was time to revisit the Log Cabin design. I’ve made a few little improvements and design changes. These have a thicker base and roof and more internal volume.   Specs: Timber: Cypress Timber Thickness: 35mm Design: Log

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Log Cabin Hive

The Log Cabin Hive I machined down a heap of timber to 35mm x 45mm This is a basic mock-up with all layers just sitting in place, not fixed together… I’ve rounded the edges of one layer, just to get

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