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Stingless Bee Species Takeover

Species Takeover These two colonies are south of Brisbane in the Logan area. Both were Tetragonula carbonaria last time i was there. Since then one has been taken over by the species Tetragonula hockingsi. You can see the main difference

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Photos 2016

A few photos for 2016 Below – Native Solitary Bee – Homalictus. It has a nest burrowed in to the ground. The purple/blue flower is Salvia. Native Bee – Megachile Native Bee – Leafcutter Megachile My first Blue Banded Bee for the season!!…

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Photos 2015

Photo above: Native Stingless Bee, Tetragonula Carbonaria Below: Blue Banded Bee having a rest on the vegie garden chicken wire… These little spiders will try to grab native bees…. Native Bee – Lasioglossum – Identified by Megan Halcroft and Ken

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Hive Positions & Tips

Preparation Before getting a hive it can be a good idea to find a position in your yard for where you’re going to place it. Have a look around your yard at different times during the day. Find a position that

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