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Solitary Bee Observation Block

Some Solitary Bees like Resin Bees will create their nest in small tunnels or grooves and for most of us it’s a mystery what happens inside the tunnels. This observation block allows the nests to be easily viewed without causing

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Photos 2016

A few photos for 2016 Below – Native Solitary Bee – Homalictus. It has a nest burrowed in to the ground. The purple/blue flower is Salvia. Native Bee – Megachile Native Bee – Leafcutter Megachile My first Blue Banded Bee for the season!!…

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Solitary Bees

There’s over 1600 species of native bees in Australia, with an estimated possible 2000 species!!! While this website is more aimed at the Social Stingless Bee species it’s still awesome to be able to attract Solitary Bees to your garden.

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