Photos 2016

A few photos for 2016

Below – Native Solitary Bee – Homalictus. It has a nest burrowed in to the ground. The purple/blue flower is Salvia.

Native Bee – Megachile

Native Bee – Leafcutter Megachile

My first Blue Banded Bee for the season!!… Arabica Coffee Plant flowers.  12/11/2016

Hoverfly – harmless to native bees

Below – Native Stingless Bee – Tetragonula Carbonaria

Below – Stingless Bee removing some Pollen from the hive, either dumping it while having a clean up and they didn’t like it if it was honey soaked? or even possibly taking it to another new colony nearby…

A stingless bee drying itself while out in the rain…

Honey Bee out in the rain..

Male Stingless Bees roostimg on a chicken wire fence at night, possibly waiting to mate with a new Queen

Below – guarding the hive entry

Below – Assassin Bug taking a Native Bee

Below: Native Stingless Bee clearing out some unwanted material from the hive…

Below: Male Blue Banded Bees roosting on a thin twig…

Bees on guard…

Below – Mimic-Wasp Fly / Hive Syrphid Fly (Ceriana Ornate) – These can lay their eggs in hive gaps, larvae can destroy native bee colonies.

Leaf Cutter Bee – cutting out a section of Rose leaf

Blue Banded Bee – Roosting at night

A Possum visited my shed, maybe I need to make a Possum Box….

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