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South American Inspired

This is my interpretation of a South American / Brazilian design for a native hive.


  • Timber: Cypress
  • Timber Thickness: 25mm + 25mm
  • Design: ?
  • Internal Volume: 4.5 litres
  • Brood Supports: Acrylic
  • Separator Plates: Acrylic

Grab some mill sawn timber…

Plane surfaces to clean it up, rip it to desired width and cut to length…

Below – View from the back – All roughly sitting in place. The inner boxes are divided by thin sheets of plastic / Perspex / Acrylic

Below – View from the front – Using Cypress and Merbau timbers to create an interesting finish. This is my “Prototype” so it’s a bit of making it up as I go kind of thing.

Below – The main box is mostly constructed now, I drilled in some dowels for strength and also looks.

Below – Oiled to bring out the colours – The inside frames will not be oiled.

I’ve cut holes in the separators to allow for the brood cone and bee movement…

Also see the Square Pillar Hive…



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