New to Native Bees?

This article lightly touches on everything from Bee species through workshops, publications and clubs. As a buyer you have a duty of care, once you have bees you should keep learning how to best care for them. [Read More…]

Log Hive – Observation Box

This one is sort of a prototype just to see how it will all work but it will be quite usable. There’s a lot of angles and some parts are a little intricate in the way they fit and work but hopefully it will give the feel of looking inside a real tree hollow. [See more build photos…]

Observation Towers – 3 and 7 litres

These are ideal for Budding / Eductions for Tetragonula Carbonaria and Tetragonula Hockingsi. You will get to see colonies being created, that’s what Observation boxes are all about.

See more info and photos here: Read More…

Solitary Bee Observation Blocks

New Solitary Bee Observation Blocks available. The new blocks have three holes sizes. I have also added some block maintenance instruction tips. See more…

Stingless Bees – FAQs

We have 13 species of Stingless Bees in Australia. This article covers one of the most popular species that people will keep in their back yards – Tetragonula Carbonaria – common to Brisbane and Sydney. Read the article…

Cadaghi – Corymbia torelliana

Native to North Queensland, it’s classed as a weed in areas like Brisbane. It’s been widely used in private gardens and by councils over the years on footpaths and parks so it’s scattered everywhere around Brisbane and likely here to stay. [Read More…]

Getting Bees in to the Log Cabin

The Bees have been going crazy over the Log Cabin. Three weeks in and lots of construction going on with honey and pollen pots.. Click for more photos and info

Fairy Door Hive – update

Update 21/03/2021. Seven months from connection and we have a few layers of brood!! Read the article here..

Species Takeover

It’s not uncommon for different species to take over another colony. Some say hockingsi are more likely to take over carbonaria, and some say the opposite, maybe it’s more likely that a strong colony will take over a weaker colony of either species. I just know that they can bite! Read More…