Observation Log

The larger 6.5 litre Observation Log finished. All round to give the feel of looking inside a tree hollow. Double door / double sided viewing. 35mm Cypress body with Camphor Laurel top and base with the live edge bark. [Read more…]

Temperature Sensors

I’m adding sensors to a few boxes to track the temperatures over Summer and Winter. I’ll add a few charts over time to show the results. This article is mainly about the sensors, not specific boxes. There will be other articles that follow the progress of particular boxes in more detail. [Read more…]

Redcliffe Garden Centre with Greg’s Native Bees

Greg Coonan of Greg’s Native Bees held an info session at the Redcliffe Garden Centre. It’s my local and favourite nursery owned and run by Ross and his wife Gena, so I couldn’t resist dropping in. [Read more…]

New to Native Bees?.. here’s some helpfull articles…

Qld Garden Expo

I visited the Qld Garden Expo at Nambour Showgrounds to check in on Hive Haven’s stand and Tim Heard’s presentations. My first visit to the Nambour Expo, some said the numbers were down on previous years possibly to do with Covid. I thought it was pretty packed with long lines for coffee and food, coffee being the most important to get though the day! [Click to see more photos and info…]

I have an empty box, where can I get bees from?

Native Stingless Bees will always come in a box or log of their own. You can’t make or buy an empty box and then buy bees by themselves later. Empty boxes sold by box makers are intended for people that already have boxes full of bees and want to multiply their colonies by splitting, budding or transferring colonies. Read more…

Stingless Bees – FAQs

We have 13 species of Stingless Bees in Australia. This article covers one of the most popular species that people will keep in their back yards – Tetragonula Carbonaria – common to Brisbane and Sydney. Read the article…

Cadaghi – Corymbia torelliana

Native to North Queensland, it’s classed as a weed in areas like Brisbane. It’s been widely used in private gardens and by councils over the years on footpaths and parks so it’s scattered everywhere around Brisbane and likely here to stay. [Read More…]

Species Takeover

It’s not uncommon for different species to take over another colony. Some say hockingsi are more likely to take over carbonaria, and some say the opposite, maybe it’s more likely that a strong colony will take over a weaker colony of either species. I just know that they can bite! Read More…