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Native Bee FAQs

Stingless Bee Colony Humidity Monitoring – Updated

The Goals: 1. Monitor humidity levels inside multiple stingless bee colonies over time. 2. See if outside weather changes affect colony humidity. 3. Gain an understanding of what the hell I’m doing. 4. Refine testing methods As with other tests done on this site, this process may take years to get good results. The sensor probes may need to be replaced or cleaned occasionally. Other variables with humidity levels might be temperature, amount of empty space inside the box, strength of colony, weather etc. Sensor installs and charts Humidity sensors/probes have been installed in to four boxes at the start of 2023. All with Tetragonula carbonaria colonies. Charts below may show different colonies at different times. At the moment the

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Temperature Monitoring – Brood and Honey Pots

We’ll follow the progress of this native bee box with two probes, showing the differences in temperatures between ambient, edge and brood. This is a two month old split of Tc in a standard 25mm box. The photos are from October 5, 2022. It’s important to know exactly where your

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Hivecraft Renovations 2023

An update for the Hivecraft garage space… The main production still takes place in the rusty dusty shed out the back, while the recently available garage space will be used

Toohey Forest Walk

An awesome day with Dean Haley at Toohey Forest, Brisbane. Dean has been a regular visitor to the local forest over years and today he generously shared his knowledge, showing

BonnyBeeHaven – Jim Marchment

When you see Jim’s yard you can tell he’s in to a bit of everything, vegies, chickens, european honey bees, solitary bee hotels, stingless bees and the compulsory workshed for

BeeWild – Diane Norris

Diane driving her Land Rover “Lenny” which she is quite proud of, and thus provided me with endless jokes about rattly tractor engines, squeaky brakes and oil leaks, but I

Lorne NSW Workshop – Photos

Another great workshop presented by Tim Heard – Sugarbag Bees at Lorne NSW, organised by The Mid North Coast branch of the ANBA. Around 35 people attended.

Workshop with Sarah – Bee Yourself

A great afternoon at a Bee Yourself native bee workshop in Brisbane. A nice intimate crowd of twenty, we had plenty of laughs and it was great to meet everyone.


The Australian Native Bee Book

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Building & Tests

Coatings Test 2022

I’ve added a couple of new products to the list. Doug Irvine uses the Intergrain

Accoya Wood

Alex of Spicers Hollow Native Bees dropped in some Accoya offcuts. I plan to make

Paulownia Boxes

A few native bee keepers are using this at the moment, I’ve heard some good