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See all information here.. https://www.nativebeehives.com/bee-garden-challenge/

New to Native Bees?

As a buyer you have a duty of care, once you have bees you should keep learning how to best care for them.

Read this article to learn the basics of Native Bees in Australia Read More…

New Boxes available

New Roofs, Boxes and Budding Kits now available in the website shop

Outhouse Hive

I’ve been playing with the design trying to develop a cheaper and more simple version, but i seemed to have gone off track and made it more complex. A timber roof makes the box more kid friendly, instead of rusty tin. White paint for the main body, stained timber roof and splash of colour on the boots to brighten things up. Read More….

Fairy Door Hive

This idea came from Simone as part of the recent “Suggestions 2020” post. Simone posted a photo from Google that shows the Fairy Door on a big tree, I’ve interpreted it in to a Native Bee Observation Box. Read the article here..

Treasure Chests

New Treasure Chest Hives are on the way. Build article here. These can be ordered with Native Bees included from Sydney Stingless Bees