Log Cabin Build

This kind of construction makes me think of how people used to make crafty wooden things many years ago, which i think we are slowly losing to a certain extent. Click for more photos and info

Fairy Door Hive

Update 15/11/2020.Three months since the Fairy Door Hive was connected. Good construction and plenty of bees. Read the article here..

Collecting Honey Samples

Tim Heard and his offsider Lachlan pictured extracting stingless bee honey and taking a small sample for Dean Haley who is collecting samples for various quality tests on behalf the Australian Native Bee Association. Read More…

Enter the Bee Garden Competition!

See all information here.. https://www.nativebeehives.com/bee-garden-challenge/

Matthew Middleton – Beezotted Workshop

Matthew Middleton held a native bee workshop today where he shared his many years of knowledge. Matthew limits the attendee numbers so it’s quite an intimate gathering where you are immersed in spirituality of it all with story telling, didgeridoo playing, damper and tea. Click for photos and info

Gooodrich Box receives updates

There’s a few updates for the box actually. While basically the same box design, there’s now a clear viewing window on top as pictured above. The round hole is for the honey jar which you can add later once the colony has established itself.There’s a few updates for the box actually. While basically the same box design, there’s now a clear viewing window on top as pictured above. Read more…

Alex – Little Bees at Tullamore Farm

Alex did a fantastic job educating the attendees about our Native Bees, covering Social and Solitary Bee species. The morning session focused on Stingless Bees, the roles of different bees within colonies, the Queens dramatic and dangerous life and the quest of the male bees to mate and create a new Queen. Click for heaps of photos and info

Species Takeover

It’s not uncommon for different species to take over another colony. Some say hockingsi are more likely to take over carbonaria, and some say the opposite, maybe it’s more likely that a strong colony will take over a weaker colony of either species. I just know that they can bite! Read More…

New to Native Bees?

As a buyer you have a duty of care, once you have bees you should keep learning how to best care for them.

Read this article to learn the basics of Native Bees in Australia Read More…

Sugarbag Bees Observation Box

I visited Sugarbag Bees to grab some info and photos of the new Observation Box. Read the article…

Stingless Bees – FAQs

We have 11 species of Stingless Bees in Australia. This article covers one of the most popular species that people will keep in their back yards – Tetragonula Carbonaria – common to Brisbane and Sydney. Read the article…

Honey Storage Trials

Now i’m sure we’re not breaking new ground here and some of this info wont be anything new to the very experienced. I just didn’t have the info on this site yet so just out of interest i’ll do a few trials over time and add info and photos to this article. Read More…

Outhouse Hive

I’ve been playing with the design trying to develop a cheaper and more simple version, but i seemed to have gone off track and made it more complex. A timber roof makes the box more kid friendly, instead of rusty tin. White paint for the main body, stained timber roof and splash of colour on the boots to brighten things up. Read More….