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Native Bee FAQs

Log Cabin – Shaped Logs

Similar design to my original “basic log cabin“, I’ve spent a fair bit of time shaping the logs for a more natural log look and I think they’ve turned out ok. These split the same as a standard native bee box so you can split in to them, or do

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Native Bee Exploration Camp Southern Qld – Photos

The owner of this large property between Stanthorpe and Texas Qld had found a few stingless bee colonies in old hollow trees and was keen to learn more from our visit. We did a fair bit of wondering around the

Yuraal – Community Garden – Native Bee Project

The Mujaay Ganma Foundation from Gumbaynggirr Country have a great project in town at Bowraville NSW establishing the Yuraal Community Garden with green houses and areas for propagating more plants with the aim of extending the garden and selling plants

Box Builder Challenge 2022

Make your own version of Dean Haleys Honey Hive (open source) With everyones skills maybe you could improve it? You don’t need the plastic honey trays, you can use slim super trays or even design something new! Facebook link to

Macadamia Farm Pollination Project

Located in the Northern Rivers Region in NSW, this 760 ha / 260,000 tree macadamia farm is a massive new project, with Alyssa – botanist, recently joining the project as Technical Officer and is very enthusiastic about increasing pollination for

Coffs Harbour Workshop & Hive Install Botanic Gardens

The Coffs Harbour branch of the Australian Native Bee Association held a workshop at the local community gardens recently which was pretty popular as there seems to be great interest in the area with the event tickets sold out. Monica

Paint Tin Transfer

Stephen Fowler from Lismore NSW recently acquired this native bee box that was connected to a paint tin. The main front box entrance was closed but the bees were coming and going from the rusty paint tin lid beside the

Little Star Bee Sanctuary Workshop

What a setting for a native bee workshop! Hidden away in the hills at Missabotti NSW is Little Star Bee Sanctuary run by Steven and Trudi. With a passion for all bees they initially started out with Honey Bees and


Overheat & mould

Everything in this hive was in great condition with no pests, a good amount of

Cadaghi Seed & Resin

The contraversial topic of the Cadaghi – Corymbia torelliana Native to North Queensland, it’s classed

Pests or not?

There’s a lot of different insects you’ll notice in your garden. Some don’t bother the

Building & Tests

Painting Gaps

Gaps between frames can be a real problem with bee hives as they allow pests

Landing Pad

Landing pads / Front steps aren’t really necessary as bees can access and enter the