Getting Bees in to a different shaped box


Getting Bees in to a different shaped box

I wanted to put Bees in to some of my pillar style boxes. The standard oath box is 280mm x 200mm, while the frames I want to transfer to are 175mm square. I’ve put a clear window on top of the smaller frame so I can monitor the progress for a little while. parts have been taped together to close all gaps.

Below photo: I made an adaptor plate that is 280mm x 200mm outside dimensions and has a hole cut out in the middle 125mm square which is the inside measurement of the smaller frame – center of above photo. I’ve just used thin plywood as it only needs to last a short time and will be thrown away.


Below: Very strong colonies with healthy brood and masses of bees


Below: The two different frames together. I’ve used blue tape to seal gaps while the bees secure the boxes with their propolis. All is going well and the bees are very busy.


Below: after a few months the square frame was full of brood and resources…


Placing the square frame in to the Pillar Box


Project Octahive – example