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Photos 2017

A collection of photos from 2017

Below – Stingless Bee on a Marigold Flower

Below – Homalictus on a Marigold

Below – Homalictus – Bubbling Nectar – They send out the Nectar and take it back in repeatedly to reduce the water content…

Below – Honey Bees also like Marigolds

Below – Blue Banded Bee – Male roosting at night

Below – Blue Banded Bee

Below – Stingless Bee

Below – Hairy Flower Wasp

Hairy Flower Wasp…Info – “flower wasps are solitary and do not make a nest or form a colony. If you see several flying around a compost heap or tree stump it simply means that several wasps have found the area. Adult female flower wasps are designed to dig. They are large and powerful wasps. The female wasps are oftenseen visiting compost heaps or wood piles or flyingaround the dead stump of a tree. They are searching for scarab beetle grubs (such as the Christmas beetle group)in the ground and are quite capable of digging intocompost heaps or saw-dust of a tree stump to find beetlegrubs.”

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