Bee Expo 2017 – Photos

Another year for the Bee Expo at Imbil Qld Australia. Plenty of exhibitors, demonstrations and people!

Photo above: Ann from Hive Haven, with the latest model boxes. Ann and Jeff are always happy to spend the time talking to people about Hive Haven’s box developments. They have invested a lot of time and money in the development of these boxes. They are now made from the same material as water tanks so will have a long life.

Below: Darryl from Flow Hive, demonstrating the hive mechanism…(Euro Honey Bees)

Below: Queen Bee, “Keeping the drones in line”

Below: Bob The Bee Man

Below: Bob assembling a frame…

Below: Paul from Backyard Bees… (Yellow shirt) / (Euro Honey Bees)

Below: Gympie Woodworkers – turning a Skep

Below: Chris Fuller from Kin Kin Bees, giving a presentation of “Benefits of Diversity”

Below: Chris Fuller’s latest Styrofoam boxes

Link to all photos: https://www.nativebeehives.com/bwg_gallery/bee-expo-2017/

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