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John Klumpp, pictured holding the hive, definitely has some celebrity status as the meeting room was overflowing with members keen to hear him talk about his hive designs. The current version is a light weight concrete he’s been working on for years made from various formulas of Vermiculite and Perlite. I think the exact formula might be like KFCs 11 secret herbs and spices. The lightweight concrete hives provide a good secure and well insulated home for stingless bees.

Above – John is the inventor or creator of the word “Eduction” and explained the process he uses (also called Budding)

Below – inside the concrete tube…

Above – The hive with the frog is a plastic tube and is an earlier model

John removed the main body of the plastic hive to reveal magical gadgetness beneath. This is a heating and cooling system. Only this plastic one had this device, the concrete ones don’t.

Below – a cross section of the concrete lid (up side down)

Below – The wire cage that sits inside the hive

For more info about the club visit the website –

Brisbane Native Bee Keepers Club http://www.bnbeec.com.au/

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