Brood Temperature Monitoring

David at Northside Native Bees is a bit of a wiz with gadgets and has built his own monitoring system. The device measures outside temperature and also Brood temperature. The information is sent via wifi to his computer then updates his website every six minutes.


Previously the sensor was outside the Brood, in the stores areas. You can see the temperatures fluctuate more in line with the outside temperatures.

With the sensor in the Brood you can see the difference, where the temperatures are much more controlled, or maintained evenly through the day and night.

These temperatures are taken during winter in Brisbane. Green line is the Brood , Aqua line is the outside temperature. Outside temperatures range from a low 8 degrees c at the coldest up to 25 at the warmest while Brood temperatures range from low 24 to high 28 degrees c.

Below: Screenshot from the View from the live link.

Click here to view live –

Below Graph 14/08/2018 – Data over two weeks:

  • Outside temperatures: Lows between 4 and 15 degrees C, highs from 25 to 30 degrees c
  • Brood temperatures: range from 23 to 30 degrees C consistently

All images used with permission from David at Northside Native Bees –

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