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Humidity Monitoring – Updated

The Goals: 1. Monitor humidity levels inside multiple stingless bee colonies over time. 2. See if outside weather changes affect colony humidity. 3. Gain an understanding of what the hell I’m doing. 4. Refine testing methods As with other tests

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Box & Material Testing – Temperature

Box Temperature Comparison – 15 November 2021 Box temperature comparison between an empty box and a live colony. These two boxes are beside each other in full sun from 7am to 2pm. Boxes are 25mm thick Hoop Pine standard boxes

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Overheat & mould

Everything in this hive was in great condition with no pests, a good amount of resources and plenty of good looking brood. A strong healthy colony with lots of bees. Moisture levels are normally very high inside a hive, around

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Brood Temperature Monitoring

David at Northside Native Bees is a bit of a wiz with gadgets and has built his own monitoring system. The device measures outside temperature and also Brood temperature. The information is sent via wifi to his computer then updates

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