Observation Towers – Inlays

These observation boxes have evolved over the years and this version remains similar to previous version, just with some cosmetic updates. The darker Merbau timber is used as inlays on the doors and trims on the top and bottom boards, then the lighter pine is used as inlays on the corners. These all provide good strength to the design but are mainly cosmetic.

I have been making the boxes with this cosmetic update this since 2022. It’s a fair bit of extra work just to do the inlays but I think they look good.

There’s now two different versions. One has the perspex viewing windows built in and the second version uses a separate “insert box” that can be inserted and removed. As seen on a previous box design here – https://www.nativebeehives.com/observation-box-with-removable-insert/

*The version with the removable insert is still being developed so I’ll have to update this article with more info and photos.

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