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Layered Australis Box

This is roughly based on a few different designs. It shares the same 200mm x 200mm measurements as the Phone Box Hive internal frames, The Outhouse frames, and also has similar aspects as Tim Heard’s Mini OATH. I will be able to interchange these frames with the Phone Box and Outhouse for hive duplication.

This is a much smaller box intended for use with species like Austroplebeia Australis . I’m using small pieces of timber and layering them to make each frame. There’s an inspection window at the top with a hinged lid.


  • Timber: Cypress
  • Timber Thickness: 35mm
  • Design: Mini OATH – 200mm x 200mm frames
  • Internal Volume: 3 litres
  • Brood Supports: Cypress
  • Separator Plate:
  • Coating:  Oil
  • Weight:

Below, making up the individual layers. Two of these layered together will form a single frame…


Below, The frames at the rear of the photo and the bases and tops in the foreground…

Below, I cut some slots in the top and base for a timber insert, for strength and appearance…

Below, the inserts done…

Below, in it’s separate parts…. 1. Top / 2. Honey Super / 3. Top brood section / 4. Bottom brood section

Below, The top will be hinged for easy observation of the colony…

Below – hinges and rear vent hole….

Below – front latch and entry hole drilled…

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