The Outhouse

Just for a laugh i made something a little different, The Outhouse – Dunny Box!

This box should provide quite a sturdy and solid home for native bees, something you could use as a feature in the garden and doesn’t need any extra protection from the weather.

Using 40mm rough cypress…

Below – the inner frames are 25mm thick, the outside box is 15mm so that’s a wall thickness of 40mm.

Approximate volume for each frame is 2 litres

Tip – Always use a square and a flat surface when making frames. Repeat in your head – FLAT – SQUARE – STRAIGHT /  FLAT – SQUARE – STRAIGHT 🙂

The entrance is between the boots. The space between the frames and door is sealed when the door is closed, the bees can’t access that area. I didn’t think about this before but over time the bees may leave a sticky brown area around the entrance.. ohwell …

Outside wood is oiled and boots have been stained, it will all lighten up when out in the weather…

Update photo below: 24/12/2021

The Outhouse Hive has aged nicely I think. This has a very a strong colony of bees in it, since 2017.

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