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Project Panel – OATH

For these boxes I used a “Project Panel” intended for use as bench tops that you would buy from popular hardware stores. This one is Alpine Oak / Victorian Ash. There’s different types of timber like Pine, Karri, Beach and others. This could be an answer if you already have some left overs from when you made that bench, or other projects.


  • Timber: Victorian Ash – Hardwood
  • Timber Thickness: 25mm
  • Design: OATH with Super – 280mm x 200mm
  • Internal Volume: 8.5 litres
  • Brood Supports: Cypress
  • Separator Plate: Clear Acrylic
  • Coating: Exterior Paint
  • Construction Plans:

I ripped (sliced) the panel up in to the pieces needed for the OATH frames…

Each main frame internal volume is approximately 2.9 litres. External frame dimensions – 280 long x 200 wide  x 85mm high.

Tip – Repeat in your head – FLAT – SQUARE – STRAIGHT. When doing any measurements, cutting and lining up, always make sure everything is square. This will give you a nice result at the end.  FLAT – SQUARE – STRAIGHT 🙂

Top and base on…

Entry hole drilled, rear vent drilled, Honey Super plate in, Cypress Brood Supports, Galvanised Screws…

You could use oils or clear coats for nice wood grains but i decided to paint this one as i needed some more boxes to match my existing boxes for some upcoming splits…

***Note: New timber can shrink/warp/twist/bow. <<See the Timbers for hives article>>



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