Rebated & Pegged Join

A standard sized OATH, with a rebated join for the frames and pegged together. No screws or nails used.

  • 35mm Cypress
  • Rebated Joins
  • Pegged
  • Clear Coat Finish
  • Routed Edges

Below – Another Pegged box with a Butt Joint

This is a normal size OATH using Cypress timber and Dowl to fix it together. No nails or screws are used.

While I think the dowl would provide a fair amount of strength, I wouldn’t say this method is any better or worse than using screws, maybe just a cosmetic difference.

I cut a heap of dowl to 70mm long….

View of the top…

This can be Oiled, Varnished or Painted, Pale yellow to match your existing hive?

one with clear coat and round routed edges…

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