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Note: This business closed 2023

Alex loves all things nature including gardening and bees of course! In 2018 Alex took the leap and opened a small business called Little Bees Secret Garden in Canungra Qld, I dropped in for a coffee and chat, …. and delivered a bee hive roof!

The space is shared with a food and cafe style business where Alex also works. Having a real community spirit vibe you can drop in for a coffee and a look around the garden. Whilst chatting we spotted quite a few Blue Banded Bees visiting the plants. Apart from plants for sale you will find many treasures like Native Bee Hives, Solitary Bee Hotels, Books and Shirts.

You can tell Alex has a love for the community and prefers products sourced locally where possible. The Solitary Bee Hotels are hand made locally.

Passionate about educating kids, Alex runs bee, garden and craft workshops for kids at the garden and also does presentations at schools.

Below: There’s a few Native Bee Hives placed around the garden, including a Budding hive connected up and this natural log hive with a long narrow cavity.

Only one and half years old, Little Bees Secret Garden will no doubt expand and prosper as it reflects Alex’s passion. I’m looking forward to see it develop over the years, and I’ll get back there for updates!

Below, a 1 minute video of my deliveries, including Little Bees Secret Garden, Featuring Alex….

Drop in for a coffee, buy a plant, book or bee hotel… Little Bee Secret Garden – Canungra Queensland. Contact Alex for info about upcomming kids workshops, you might be able to twist her arm and get her to come to your school.

Note: This business closed 2023

Below – Some of the many things Alex has available, fairy doors suitable for placing on a hive entrance and also Bee Hotels…

Alex with the new hive display

Hivecraft - Australian Native Bee Supplies

Native bee boxes available at www.hivecraft.com.au

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