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Bobs Honey Extraction

Bob released his new Honey Extraction design at a small hive split session held at Strathpine on the weekend.  I went along for a look….

The waffle looking device is a plastic tray that’s inserted in to the top of his square design hive. The bees fill it with their honey pots. You remove the plastic tray, pierce the honey pots and place the plastic plate in a centrifugal extractor which is spun by hand. The honey drains out of the plastic tray in to the bottom tank of the extractor. The two main purposes of the design is to reduce squishing bees during the extraction process and to increase the amount of honey extracted.

Below – Bob piercing the honey pots with his nail-board

Below – spinning the honey out

Bob printed the new plastic tray with his 3D printer and has registered the design and may have them for sale in the near future. He traded a bee hive in exchange for the production of this stainless steel extractor.

Bobs website:

Hivecraft - Australian Native Bee Supplies

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